Meet The Defence Lawyer: Sam Goldstein

Today, the  world of Law, doesn’t let a convicted person off without a harsh punishment, and the sentence is even harsher to theperson when they didn’t even commit the crime, but rather are nothing more than someone else’s victim. Even a casual chat with a stranger, both through electronic media or interpersonal communication can often lead to grave accusations, which are sometimes even false, when your part in it was little or nil! The Law checks white and black, there’s no grey in between. Therefore, if not properly defended, the victim maybe labelled the culprit, getting mandatorily registered on national and provincial sex offender and DNA databases, whereas the actual culprit may saunter away unchallenged.

However, to rescue such victims from their worries, Sam Goldstein, a Toronto-based Defence Attorney offers his experienced and responsible services. Goldstein has formed his career along the sound lines of Criminal Law, and his interest is entirely rooted in it. The fact which makes him more capable in his field from the rest of the defense lawyers is that he worked as a Crown Prosecutor in Ontario, acting as an attorney for the government while working on a variety of cases like Sexual Assaults, Theft, Cyber-Crimes, Murder, Scams and Extortions. Through this experience, Goldstein knows the system inside out, and uses this expertise now on the other side of the fence by defending cases. The areas that his services offer are Bail and Extraditions, Criminal Appeals, Drug Charges, Firearm And Weapons Offences, Fraud And Forgery, toronto sexual assault , Regulatory Offences and Disciplinary Hearings, Theft, Mischief and Obstruct Justice, Offences against children and Kidnapping, Homicide murder and Manslaughter, Dangerous Driving , Criminal harassment and Threats. Goldstein offers his years of practice from the time when he was an Assistant Crown Attorney and successfully defended his clients by prosecuting sexual assault and assault related cases.

Today, we live in the Age of Media, which has also become a platform for various people to frame innocent people, but the good thing is it’s difficult to cover the traces! Sam Goldstein is the first lawyer in Canada to use this to his advantage. He is an expert in the use of social media, like Facebook, Tinderand analyses activities on it to classify the threats as grave or trivial. He uses the tool of abuse in order to frame the abuser.

Any form of false allegations of Sexual, Domestic, Bodily Harm and Aggravated Assault on an innocent person can damage their faith, frame of mind and reputation beyond repair and the only thought which swirls around in their mind is how to make people believe in their innocence. However, all they need is an experienced defense attorney, who can understand their situation and find out the facts that are peculiar to that case.

Sexual assault cases make advantage from a thorough pretrial investigation, preparation, and knowledge of possible defences. Plus traces of proofs on records, social media can be used for defence.

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At the service of all such victims is SAM GOLDSTEIN, who can be contacted at his

Law Office:100 Richmond Street West, Suite 318
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3K6
Phone: +1 (416) 927-1211
Fax : +1 (416) 862-7602

Office Cleaning

Nowadays, people spend most of their time in their offices working hard to earn a quality standard of living.  Providing a clean and healthy environment at work places is the duty of every employer. Therefore they must pay undivided attention towards the cleanliness. A clean environment always boosts us up and helps us feel fresh. It helps the employees to boost up their morale and work more efficiently. An untidy surrounding makes the employees feel lousy and filthy.

Cleanliness doesn’t only mean cleaning the floors and the area. But also the work area i.e. employee desks, conference tables, shelves, cupboards, etc.  An organized working table can also  help to motivate  the employees. Cleaner washrooms are so important to maintain a certain level of personal hygiene at workplace. Also the areas where food is provided to the employees i.e. the cafeteria must be clean and healthy at all times. The employees should not feel burdened to come to the office. Therefore a clean and well organized surrounding always uplifts the mood and motivates to be productive. In a way this should help both the employees and the organization to work and grow.

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Nowadays there are so many companies undertaking the job of providing professional cleaners for office cleaning toronto and commercial complexes. This is because of the growing size of workplaces and increasing number of employees with growth in size, it is necessary to pay attention towards the cleanliness. Organizations such as Empire Capitol Infrastructure Ltd, Toronto have been providing quality services for over 10 years to various offices, commercial complexes, residential homes, condos, apartments, industrial facilities, warehouses etc.  The main aim of these organizations is to provide customer satisfaction at reasonable prices and help the principle organization to focus on the more important jobs of the organization while these professionals take care of the work environment. They conduct regular audits of the work at the customers end so as to ensure that the quality standards are maintained. The not only maintain a positive environment at the workplace but also make the offices more beautiful, therefore creating a happy surrounding!

Also, such organizations take it as their responsibility to take care of the office property and take insurance of the property. In case of damage they shall pay upto the limit as per the terms of the contract. Therefore the risk of damage or loss is also borne by the organization undertaking to clean and maintain the workplace. Moreover,  getting the best quality services by hiring professionals not only maintains the high standards of the organization but also make the employees feel good about their workplace and this makes them feel more dedicated towards the principle organization.  While the employees are sitting in the cafeteria during their leisure time, they should never feel that they are surrounded by dirt, filth, rotten food, germs etc.images (4)

Hence, to be precise and brief, office cleaning is not only important or the employees but also for the organization itself and hiring professionals for this task makes it easier for the management to focus on more important tasks of the organization.

Best 5 Video Calling Apps For IPad

Video Calling was not a popular phenomenon 10 years down the line but these days, it has become a basic necessity for the people who execute technological gadgets. FaceTime, Fringe and other video calling apps have instilled a zeal in people about video calling and hence their popularity is soaring high in the world. No matter where you are, no matter what you do at the moment but you can connect to someone sitting in London by making a video call to them. Interesting, isn’t it?

There are an ample of video calling apps in the market but not many of  them are worth using. So, let us discuss the best 5 video calling apps for iPad:

  1. FaceTime:

FaceTime is an impeccable video calling app that calls for excellence. It has glorified the market for video calling apps after attaining great popularity among the masses. FaceTime is totally a free app and Facetime for pc is also available for free hence, a great tool to possess in your iPad especially when you are usually on a move and want to connect with your friends and relatives. The interface of the video calling app is also very impressive and hence the new users are never tinted by the difficulty of using this app.

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  1. Skype:

Skype is a clear synonym to video calling. It is one of the oldest video calling apps and enjoys a great legacy. It can be downloaded on iOS platform as well as PC’s, expanding its appeal to a larger audience. It’s service quality is simple unquestionable. It is a free video calling app to a certain extent and hence you only need a proper internet connection to get started with Skype.

  1. Qik Video Connect Plus:

Qik Video Connect Plus allows the user to either play a live video stream or to make a video call to their friends. All this can be done in a few screen taps. The interface of the app makes the work of the user easier. It is available on both Android as well as the iOS platform.

  1. Google Video Chat/Vtok:

Vtok, that is also known by the name Google Video Chat is known for giving the user a surreal video conferencing experience. Communication over Google Video chat is enchanting and something to cherish for a long time. It also synchronized very well with the Gmail contact list of yours, thus eliminating the need for searching the email id of the desired contact people to video call.

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  1. Fringe:

People are aware of the fact that Fringe allows them to make group calls and hence it is popular among the business professionals and the students alike. With time, the popularity of this app is rising very well.

Heaven On Earth

Selouky If you are in Singapore and you are looking for the perfect place to settle in; Sims Urban Oasis is the place for you. Sims Urban Oasis provides residential areas with sizes that vary and at fair prices. This projects consists of four exclusive residences which forms one inclusive community. The project is located in a strategic position within the city as it is in bound with the Marina Bay, The Singapore sports hub, the Orchard Road, Paya Lebar central and Aljunied Mrt.

The start of your journey is within your new home where you can pick whether you want a suite, loft, deluxe or a grand apartment. These different categories gives you the option of having bedrooms varying from one up to five. The apartment are at super conditions with a modern glaze. The journey then travels externally within your surrounding environment. Hand in hand, the Visionaire and Sims Urban Oasis provides you with the peace of mind you are looking for by surrounding you with tons of natural greenery that sets of your mood to a better mental state. Furthermore, we provide you with all the facilities you will need as a club, childcare centre and the Urban edge zone which is packed with a swimming pool for your satisfaction.

We also provide you with a sky park on the roof where you can create memories and watch the sunset everyday. You do not even have to worry about your vehicle as in Sims Urban Oasis we provide you with a basement and MSCP car park system to ensure the safety of your belongings. Phase one of the project has been sold out and the launch of phase two is now in progress. This is your chance to provide the suitable experience for yourself and your whole family. Hurry up and and pick your new home in Sims Urban Oasis before you miss this opportunity.

More Information On How To Keep Your Water Softener In Good Working Condition

Despite using Water Softener Reviews to choose the best model, you should ensure that it gets regular maintenance to ensure that it retains its good working condition and has a long life span. This is due to the reason that a product can be of high quality but eventually breaks down due to lack of maintenance.

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Despite the maintenance aspect, there are various measures that should be taken into consideration when using a water softener so as to ensure that it runs properly and effectively. These measures include:

  1. Choosing the right salt. Some of the softener salts in the market contains high levels of insoluble materials and impurities. This normally results into a muddy tank which eventually reduces the softening efficiency. At the end of the day, your water will not be fully softened and will contain some impurities. For these reason, you should ensure that you go for the salt that is of high purity thus ensuring that less residue is left in the storage tank. This will generally leave reduce the maintenance cost. The most recommended salt is the evaporated salt.
  2. Ensuring that the venturi valve is clean. During the regeneration cycle, the venturi and the nozzle are responsible for creating the suction to move the brine from the brine tank to the resin tank. This results into the venturi valve getting plugged with impurities such as sand and sediments. For this reason, the valve should be kept clean so as to ensure that the water softener works effectively. It is recommended for the process of cleaning this valve to be done at least twice a year thus ensuring that the water softener works properly.
  3. Ensure that you avoid salt bridges and salt mushing. Salt bridging is normally resulted by temperature changes around the water softener, high humidity or using the wrong softening salt. For salt mushing, it is the more serious of the two. It is normally as a result of dissolved salt recrystallizing forming sludge at the top of the brine tank. The effect does not only cause blockage but also leaves the water hard hindering the water softener from properly cycling through the regeneration process. This is avoided by ensuring that you go for high quality salt.

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Maintaining your water softener will have the following advantages:

  • Prolonged life span. Just like any other product, a water softener will last longer if it is well maintained as it does not keep on breaking down from time to time. The more the repair work gets done on your water softener, the closer it gets to its breaking point.
  • High efficiency. A well maintained water softener will have a high efficiency as it retains its good working condition.
  • Low cost. The maintenance cost is always lower than the repair cost. For this reason, a well maintained water softener will call for less repair cases thus cutting down the cost

You should therefore know that you have a great impact on how effective the product you have opted to purchase will serve you as it is your responsibility to keep it in the right condition.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a process which enhances the visibility of a web page by prioritising it or by increasing the frequency in the sequence of the search results presented by a search engine. The term was coined and brought into use in 1997 and has been an important strategy ever since. As regular internet users, we are well aware that we tend to visit the resultant sites that are present initially and more frequently on the search engine rather than browsing 10 pages of the search results. Hence, search engine optimisation increases the visitors’ traffic to a website and is an important marketing strategy in the cyber world. SEO can also be achieved by providing various back links or inbound links. Practitioners are usually divided into Black Hat or White Hat and sometimes also Grey Hat. White Hat SEO is approved by the search engine and abides to regulations set by the search engine besides involving no deception and the effects last longer while Black Hat involves deception and cloaking and is discouraged and efforts are made to minimise the latter and avoid spamdexing by banning their sites temporarily or permanently. Grey Hat SEO is a middle line between the white and the black and doesn’t act in best interest of the user but rather entirely focuses on the improvised search engine

SEO increases visibility allowing people to find you more easily and hence helps in increasing traffic to your website which will further increase profits and establish market dominance. seo toronto first audits your website followed by indexing. The webmaster sends ‘spiders’ to ‘crawl’ the page and extract links and return information. It has evolved as the major online marketing strategy since its inception and is also used for getting indexed and international marketing and increasing the eminence of a page and is the most convenient technique for the same by yielding efficient results in time periods as short as two weeks. It also helps in building links which will further enhance the data traffic to website. Sometimes the spiders are instructed not to crawl certain pages so as to avoid undesirable results which establishes the basis of Robots Exclusion Standard.

Probably eery human invention has its pros and cons and similar applies to our beloved SEO. It will increase visibility and link webpages but sometimes it may link you to unwanted websites which may send virus or spyware or malware data to your devices thus harming your data and personal files. The cyber world is progressing and changing with each passing second and so is the demand of the users and to keep up with this ever changing and ever increasing population and cater to their necessities we need to follow the ‘I’ principle which is to implement, improvise and instigate. SEO is a medium through which we can connect to users throughout the world and enhance our market position and increase popularity. It is a very essential and useful method for start-ups and new companies which are benefitted since they can reach and cater a larger population through it.

Acquire More Gold Fish in Neko Atsume Kitty Collector

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector was presented by Hit Point and it is the well known Japanese cat-collecting game which has now come to iOS and Android in the English language version. This game is created in a quite easy concept where you will simply feed and play with your kitty.

In the mean time, you’re going to be allotted to gather as many kitties as possible and then begin playing and feeding them. To enjoy in the game with them, you will be provided with toys which you can easily putout to your yard. In any case, you’ll need silver fish and goldfish in order to get them. So, a few Neko atsume cheats for goldfish might come very well for you. The specific toys, can attract a specific kitty to visit your yard. Furthermore, when you have higher priced toy bought with goldfish, you can get rare kitty. In this particular game, each of the kitties will eat any food that you place out there. Based on this, when you have higher quality food, you will have and more kitties to show up.nekoatsume3.0.0

In addition to that, when you have neko atsume cheats costly food, you will have a greater possibility of attracting rare kitties visiting your yard to play with the costly toys only. On the other hand, every time the kitties come up, they will give you gifts and leave them once they go away. Usually, they’ll give more gifts in case you forget to check the game for a while, then check it just after they’ve left.

In accordance with that, they’ll also come up in your cat diary. To be able to make the kitties appear early without having to spend a lot of time and wait for them, you could do the time lapse trick. At this stage, all that you have to do is to set the time ahead on your phone. Additionally, you may also see them and have the gifts that they sent for you. Following that, make sure you put the time back to normal.You may also get the gifts in many instances with checking and playing this game in daily basis.

Every gift will be in kind of silver fish or gold fish, that can probably be said as the money of the game. or even more, if you wish to have some goldfish for free, you will only sign in and play the game to find your gifts. With those currencies, you’re going to be allowed to invest in more food and toys for the kitties to show up and play for entertainment.

At the same time, you may also come back and take pictures of the kitties when they’re coming up. The process is quite straightforward as you’ll do is to tap and hold on the kitty till the picture window comes up. Simultaneously, only tap the little camera icon showing up there. When doing this, that picture you have taken will immediately be saved to your cat diary album.